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The MessiahInspired by both Moliere’s TARTUFFE and several modern-day scandals involving fallen men of God, such as, Jim Baker and Ted Haggard. THE MESSIAH is a comedy about a nouveau riche California family, thanks to the porn business, that is about to come apart at the seams. The family patriarch, Lou, has fallen under the spell of the charismatic minister, The Reverend Matthew Mark. Lou’s wife Veronica refuses to give up Buddhism, earthly riches, or her hunky yoga instructor, while his estranged half-brother Maxmillian, a fashionista with amnesia, has just returned from Iraq with his Muslim bride. In the meantime, Lou’s daughter, Maude-Margaret, and her sexually confused friend, Grayson, are planning a teen sex party, while Winnie, the former maid and current party planner, is decorating the house with outlandish floral creations. Family conflicts begin to boil over on the day a very important party is being given to to announce the start of a foundation, thanks to Lou’s fortune, to bring the salvation of Jesus Christ to every corner of the world. The family has to work together to devise a plan to reveal the true nature of the good reverend before their entire fortune is lost.



10 Characters (4 women, 6 men)
1 Interior Set

Lou - male, late 50s, a very wealthy former porn entrepreneur who has become a Christian.
Veronica - female, late 40s but looks much younger, Lou’s second wife who is a yoga and haute couture devotee.
Maude Margaret - female, 18, Lou’s daughter from his first marriage who is planning a teen sex party.
Maxmillian - male, late 40s, Lou’s half-brother who was recently in Iraq working on a story for Vogue Magazine.
Yamila - female, early 30s, Maxmillian’s new bride who is a fashion designer from Iraq.
Winnie - female, late 20s, Lou’s former maid from Africa who is now his party planner.
Grayson - male, 18, Maude Margaret’s sexually confused best friend and co-conspirator in the teen sex party.
Ravi - male, 20s, Veronica’s yoga teacher and spiritual adviser who is of Indian descent.
Benjamin - male, 18, A jock who goes to school with Maude Margaret and Grayson and has come for the blow job party,
The Reverend Matthew Mark - male, late 40s, The man who has converted Lou to Christianity and is ruling his life.

Excerpt from THE MESSIAH > (29kb pdf)




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