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Endless PleasureThe worlds of theatre, art, opera, and TV collide as five friends, ex-friends, lovers, ex-lovers, and soon-to-be-lovers explore the state of their personal and professional relationships in this drama set in a brownstone in New York City. Nelson, a playwright who hasn’t written anything in years, is looking for someone or something to inspire him. His partner, Joseph, a renowned painter who is battling his inner demons, is currently painting a portrait of Andrew, a brash young theatre director, who is trying to ingratiate himself into the lives of Nelson and Joseph. One night after an evening at the opera, Andrew brings his new boyfriend, Edward, a famous TV star, to a small get together at Joseph’s brownstone. As the evening progresses, we find out that Edward and Nelson are old friends and former lovers who still have past issues to work out. Into the mix also comes, Kitty, a stage actress, who is Nelson’s best friend, Joseph’s ex-wife, and Edward’s ex-one-night-stand. The play unravels over the course of one year as the time goes back and forth between the past and the future to explore the complicated relationships of these five people.

The Cast of Characters

5 Characters (4 men, 1 woman)
1 Interior Set

Joseph - a painter, late 50s
Edward - a TV star, 40s
Andrew - a theatre director, late 20s
Kitty - an actress, 40s
Nelson - a playwright, 40s

**color-blind casting can be used with all roles

Excerpt from ENDLESS PLEASURE > (29kb pdf)




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