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DustDUST had its world premiere at the Company of Angels Theatre in Los Angeles, California It opened on April 1 and ran for 7 weeks. The production was directed by Tony Gatto.

DUST is a dark comedy that spin its wild and absurd tale around an array of characters in a New York City mansion one month after 9/11. The story focuses on a family left behind by the death of their patriarch in the twin towers. The survivors of this tight-jawed, upper Eastside family include, Elizabeth Claire, the widow of the deceased, who has taken to sitting in her old couture while wearing a gas mask; her fur-wearing eldest daughter, Gertrude, who is trying to make sense of the world between shopping sprees and planning dinner parties; and Meredith, the jet-setting youngest daughter who has just returned from a fun outing in the Middle East.

As they try to balance their loss with their stature as wealthy socialites, panic and conflict arise as the three women try to make sense of the secretive family business, which happens to be selling weapons of mass destruction.

DUST castWhen a mysterious nun and “Camouflage Man” arrive wanting to buy weapons from Meredith, Gertrude misunderstands their intentions and sets things in motion for an impromptu cocktail party. More guests arrive, including: Frida, a firefighter from Montana who has come to New York to help with the search and rescue: Angus, Gertrude’s husband, who has been traumatized by what he’s seen at Ground Zero and now thinks he’s a dog; Hammish, Gertrude and Angus’ son, who has been in Afghanistan discovering his sexuality; and Bennett, a Chinese delivery man who delivers more than good Chinese food. The cocktail party climaxes with a game of “Queen for a Day,” which decides the fate of the characters. DUST combines its farcical elements with its serious themes, played out against the ridiculous political and social climates we continue to wade through.



9 characters- (5 women and 4 men)
1 Interior Set

Elizabeth Claire - female, early 70s, The wealthy matriarch of a prominent NYC family that owns and operates a weapons factory.
Gertrude - female, late 40s Elizabeth Claire’s elder daughter. A socialite of the highest order.
Meredith - female, early 40s, Elizabeth Claire’s younger daughter, A world traveler and party girl.
Sister Juanita - female, 60s, a Hispanic nun, trying to buy weapons, who may or may not be who she says she is.
The Camouflage Man - male, 30s, A man of middle eastern descent who is traveling with Sister Juanita.
Angus - male, late 40s, Gertrude’s husband who deals in art and has been searching for his father-in-law at Ground Zero.
Frida - female, late 30s, a firefighter from Montana who has come to help with the rescue efforts at Ground Zero.
Hamish - male, 22, Gertrude and Angus’ son. A student at Brown University who has been traveling in Afghanistan.
Bennett - male, late 30s, a Chinese delivery man.

Excerpt from DUST > (35kb pdf)

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