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CutA very dark comedy about two generations of a Hollywood acting family whose members can no longer distinguish between reality and acting. Frances, a former B-movie actress, sits all day watching a war on TV that her husband or ex-husband, The General, may or may not be fighting in, reminiscing about a daughter, Ginger, who may or may not be missing, and taking care of her son, James, who may or may not be dying. The lines are further blurred when a mysterious woman claiming to be her long-lost daughter returns seeking revenge on her family for the glamorous life that was forced upon her. War, disease, racism, violence, murder, and sexual games are acted out in the family’s mansion as the ghost of famous gossip columnist, Louella Parsons, tries to unravel the truth.  


9 Characters (6 women, 3 men)
1 Interior Set

Frances - female, late 60s, a former B-actress in Hollywood.
James - male, late 20s, Frances’ son who is an actor who may or may not be dying.
Ginger - female, early 30s, a mysterious woman who claims to be Frances’ daughter.
The General - male, late 70s, Frances’s ex-husband who has acted in many war movies.
Young Suk - female, late 20s, The General’s Japanese fiancee who is pretending to be Korean.
Maribel -, female, late 20s, Frances’ current maid who is Latino.
Georgia - female, late 60s, Frances’ former maid who is black.
Jorge - male, early 20s, a very handsome Latino pool boy.
Louella Parsons - female, ageless, the ghost of the famous gossip columnist.

Excerpt from CUT > (33kb pdf)




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