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Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips was born and raised in the small town of Hayesville, North Carolina. He showed an appreciation for the theatre even as a young child when he insisted his bemused parents take him to the local junior college to see plays by Tennessee Williams, John Guare, and Bertol Brecht. Seeing these types of plays started to shape his vision of theatre and the world.

After receiving a BFA in acting and a minor in dance (Greg had never danced until his first ballet class at the age of 18) from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, Greg moved to New York as a scholarship with the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio. Studying there was another step in his evolving education of the possibilities of theatre.

After several years of living as a struggling artist in New York, his home town beckoned with an opportunity to become the artistic director of a local theatre, The Licklog Players. In his five years as its artistic director, what was once a small summer theatre became a year-round venue that produced ten plays and musicals a year, many of which he directed.

Next Greg was ready for the big city again, but this time on the West Coast. Landing in Los Angeles was just the ticket he needed to kick start his creativity once again. After the tragedy of 9/11, Greg began to write his first play after seeing the image in his mind of an elegant woman wearing an evening gown and a gas mask (the opening image of the play). This play, DUST, a black comedy about a wealthy New York City family that owns a weapons factory, was produced by the Company of Angels, one of the oldest theatre companies in Los Angeles. Taking the advice Tony Kushner offers in the Dramatists Sourcebook, Greg self-produced and directed his second play, THE MOSS FAMILY SINGERS, a three-act Southern drama about a large family of singers in Greg and pupsNorth Carolina, as a guest production at the Odyssey Theatre in LA. He has written four other plays, CUT, a comedy about a Hollywood acting family, ENDLESS PLEASURE, a drama that goes back and forth in time to explore the complicated relationships of five friends and artists, THE MESSIAH, a comedy about a nouveau riche California family that falls victim to a fallen man of God, and WINSTON TASTES GOOD, a drama about a tobacco farming family that has gathered for the funeral of their 99-year-old-grandmother. IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHAT ELEVATED, explores the relationships between a married, bisexual couple and their lovers. PEOPLES, is a drama about a small-town bank that has fallen on hard times, and the effect it has on several families. Greg's latest project is his new web series THE FIFTIES, about of group of fifty-year-old friends.

Greg is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild. He is currently writing a new play and making plans for his next project. He lives in Santa Monica, CA.





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